Top Underwater Scooters to Explore the Depths of the Ocean

Top Underwater Scooters for Ocean Explorers.
Diver using an underwater scooter to explore the ocean depths
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Underwater scooters, also known as sea scooters or dive scooters, have become increasingly popular in recent years for both recreational and professional divers. These devices allow you to effortlessly glide through the water, conserve energy, and explore the depths of the ocean with ease. In this article, we’ll dive into the top underwater scooters currently available and provide insights to help you make an informed decision.

What is an Underwater Scooter?

Underwater scooters are battery-powered devices designed to propel divers through the water. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, each with different capabilities and features. These scooters can significantly improve the diving experience by allowing users to cover more ground, preserve energy, and increase dive time.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Underwater Scooter?

Before purchasing an underwater scooter, consider the following factors:

Speed and Power

The speed and power of an underwater scooter directly impact its performance. Look for models with variable speeds to allow for better control and adaptability to different diving conditions.

Battery Life

Battery life is an essential consideration, as it determines the amount of time you can use your scooter underwater. Look for models with long-lasting and replaceable batteries to ensure continuous diving enjoyment.

Divers of various skill levels using different underwater scooters
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Weight and Portability

Underwater scooters can be bulky and heavy, so it’s crucial to choose one that is lightweight and easy to transport.

Depth Rating

Ensure that the scooter’s depth rating meets your diving needs, as some models are designed for shallow waters while others can handle deep dives.

Price and Durability

Consider your budget and the durability of the scooter. While some models may be more affordable, they might not offer the longevity and performance you desire.

Top 5 Underwater Scooters on the Market

Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter

Yamaha RDS250 underwater scooter in action
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The Yamaha RDS250 is a popular underwater scooter known for its excellent balance of performance, reliability, and affordability.

  • Speed and Power: It reaches speeds up to 2.5 mph (4 km/h) and has a depth rating of 100 ft (30 m), making it suitable for recreational divers and snorkelers.
  • Battery Life: The RDS250 has a run time of up to 2 hours, and its battery is removable and rechargeable.
  • Weight and Portability: Weighing 18 lbs (8.2 kg), it’s relatively easy to transport and handle.

Sublue WhiteShark MixPro

Snorkeler gliding through the water with the Sublue WhiteShark MixPro
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The Sublue WhiteShark MixPro is a compact and lightweight underwater scooter ideal for casual divers and snorkelers.

  • Speed and Power: The WhiteShark MixPro can reach speeds of up to 4 mph (6.4 km/h) and has a depth rating of 131 ft (40 m).
  • Battery Life: With a battery life of up to 60 minutes, it may not be suitable for extended diving sessions. However, the battery is swappable, allowing you to extend your diving time if you carry extra batteries.
  • Weight and Portability: At just 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg), the WhiteShark MixPro is one of the lightest underwater scooters available, making it perfect for travel.

Geneinno S2 Trident

Diver holding the Geneinno S2 Trident underwater scooter
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The Geneinno S2 Trident is a powerful and versatile underwater scooter with a sleek design, suitable for both beginners and experienced divers.

  • Speed and Power: The S2 Trident offers two-speed settings with a maximum speed of 4 mph (6.4 km/h) and a depth rating of 164 ft (50 m).
  • Battery Life: Its battery lasts up to 45 minutes on the highest speed setting and up to 75 minutes on the lowest speed setting. The battery is removable and rechargeable.
  • Weight and Portability: The S2 Trident weighs 12.8 lbs (5.8 kg), making it a portable option for divers on the go.

Apollo AV-2 Evolution

Apollo AV-2 Evolution underwater scooter
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The Apollo AV-2 Evolution is a professional-grade underwater scooter designed for experienced divers and technical diving.

  • Speed and Power: The AV-2 Evolution boasts a variable speed control with a maximum speed of 2.6 mph (4.2 km/h) and an impressive depth rating of 230 ft (70 m).
  • Battery Life: Its battery offers a run time of up to 100 minutes, depending on speed settings and usage.
  • Weight and Portability: Weighing 45 lbs (20.4 kg), the AV-2 Evolution is significantly heavier than other models on this list. However, its power and capabilities make it suitable for more advanced diving scenarios.

TUSA SAV-7 Underwater Scooter

Professional diver with the TUSA SAV-7 underwater scooter in deep waters
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The TUSA SAV-7 is a high-performance underwater scooter designed for serious divers seeking advanced features and power.

  • Speed and Power: The SAV-7 offers three-speed settings with a maximum speed of 2.8 mph (4.5 km/h) and a depth rating of 230 ft (70 m).
  • Battery Life: Its battery provides a run time of up to 110 minutes, depending on speed settings and usage.
  • Weight and Portability: The SAV-7 weighs 45 lbs (20.4 kg), which may make it less portable for some divers. However, its performance and features make it an excellent choice for technical and professional divers.


Underwater scooters offer a thrilling and efficient way to explore the depths of the ocean. The top scooters on the market cater to various needs, from casual snorkelers to experienced divers. When choosing an underwater scooter, consider factors such as speed, power, battery life, weight, and depth rating to ensure you select the best model for your diving adventures. The Yamaha RDS250, Sublue WhiteShark MixPro, Geneinno S2 Trident, Apollo AV-2 Evolution, and TUSA SAV-7 are all excellent options, each with their unique features and capabilities. Dive in and explore the underwater world with an underwater scooter that best suits you!

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